White House Chef Anthony Schipani, a native of the suburbs of Chicago, IL, served on the USS Los Angeles from July 1998 thru November 2002 as a Second Class Petty Officer. While operating and managing messes and living quarters, he supervised five chefs and food service attendants. He also planned, prepared and served meals, oversaw financial reports, and maintained Kitchen Operation records.

Chef Schipani’s stellar culinary skills awarded him a position in the White House Kitchen from November 2002 thru November 2005. There he prepared and served over 300 meals per day for White House staff, and provided food security domestically and abroad for President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush. He was eventually cross-trained to manage each aspect of the White House Mess, coordinating internal catering events.  

Chef Schipani went on to work personally for the Vice President’s Residence from November 2005 thru September 2007. He was responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of the official residence of the Vice President in Washington, DC and the two personal residences of the Vice President Richard Cheney and Mrs. Lynne Cheney. He planned and coordinated menus for official, state and social functions hosted by the Cheney’s. He Coordinated and executed travel for the Vice President that included complete valet service. He provided food security while traveling worldwide keeping to the dietary restrictions of the principals. 

Chef Schipani retired in 2007 from the navy and took many of the skills he learned with him. In 2008 he started his own business, Green Clean Services Inc., providing the same “white glove” cleaning to area businesses and residences that he had provided to the White House for so many years.